Tom's Sod would like to remind you now is the best time to lay sod!

Fall, winter and spring are the perfect times to install new sod.  The sod is under less stress due to the cooler temperatures, you have much better control of your irrigation, and the insects aren't as active.  We also have a wider variety of sods available such as Palmetto, Seville, and Bitter Blue.



Sod Experts in Florida

Tom's Sod

Tom’s Sod is the premier provider of Sod in Florida.  We deliver quality sod throughout the state, including the areas of Tampa Bay, Greater Orlando and Ocala.  We sell sod and we install sod.  We can answer any question that you have about sod, including:

If you need information on Sod, Tom’s Sod has your answer.  We have been serving both professionals and homeowners in the landscape industry for over 30 years.  We can deliver your sod to you within 24 hours.

Call a Sod Expert Today at (727) 571-1119 or email us at





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