Sod Requirements for Waterfront Properties   

Waterfront homeowners searching for sod St. Petersburg Florida selections need to be especially particular.  A host of different factors make sod selection an important aspect of home planning.  Before deciding on a type of grass, consider the following:

  • The possibility of erosion.  Grass serves as a kind of natural sea wall when it comes to erosion-prone areas; make sure the sod you select is installed correctly in order to reap the most benefit.  It is important to properly replace sod before erosion issues begin.
  • Tolerance to salt.  Some grasses are much more delicate than others.  Installing such a grass where it will come into contact with salt is a bad idea.  Instead, sod that is ore of a pasture grass will work well; this grass has deep-set roots that grasp water from the depths of the soil.  Look at forms of Bahia for such hardy properties.
  • Whether sod St. Petersburg Florida is the right option at all.  Some homeowners find that it is much more feasible to forego grass that is constantly barraged by salt spray.  Other options include mulch and pebble landscaping.  If you know that you are not going to want to spend the time necessary to maintain the sod, these may be viable options for you.
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