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Most varieties of St. Augustine grass can flourish under some degree of Florida sun, and Seville is one of them.  It shares commonalities with sister variety tolerant Palmetto, but has acquired a reputation as a bit of a shade-lover as well.  If you elect to have a reputable company install Seville sod, you can expect:

  • Low growth.  Seville is considered a dwarf grass, which means it is not itching to reach the heavens.
  • A rich, dark green hue.  The grass is attractive, though it is prone to growing in thatches. 
  • No special protection against critters.  If you are looking for a low-maintenance grass that will repel chinch bugs and webworms, look elsewhere.  Like many other grass varieties, Seville makes a tasty meal for these pests.
  • Relatively high tolerance for varying conditions.  Plant Seville in the shade or leave it exposed; with the right maintenance attention, it is still going to thrive.  Like many other Florida grasses, it eschews cold weather and is quite sensitive to extreme drops in temperature.
  • Shady areas?  No sod grows well in shade, however, some sods, such as Sapphire, will tolerate it.  Remember "If you can't grow weeds, you can't grow sod!"

Discover whether Seville is the ideal grass for your application. 

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